Who we are & why we exist?

Shewww… finally an electronics ecommerce store that’s actually interesting!

Meet Mike & Smith – two characters with very different personalities. But they have one thing in common and that is their utter passion for gadgets. Mike is your iconic geeky guy with lots of insight into the technicalities of the latest gadgets. Smith, on the other hand, is a cool dude who is more fascinated with how these gadgets look and feel. To put it another way, Mike is into the details. Smith is into how the product will make him look when he is hanging out with his friends.

We believe that when it comes to gadgets, every one of us is either a “Mike” or a “Smith” - or something in between. We love to have our favorite product compete with others in terms of look, feel, screen size, functionality and price – right?

So, pick a side, join discussions, back your favorite product – or brand – while cashing in on some astonishingly low prices, awesome support and great deals.